Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to my Journey

If you are reading this, you responded that you wanted to be on my filter for following my spiritual journey. Welcome!

For me, there is no right or wrong when it comes to beliefs. I feel strongly about some things, and I may express that, but I never tell anyone else what to believe. That being said, this is not a place to debate beliefs either. I respect your beliefs even if I don't share them.

At times I speak in an imperative tone. But, imagine if you will that I am writing on a chalkboard with one hand while erasing everything that has been written with the other hand. One thought leads to another. Being fixed or stagnating in a thought blocks our growth.

For instance, I believe in spirit guides and speak to mine regularly. You may not. I also believe that a certain set of beliefs may be a stepping stone to whatever is next. Therefore, spirit guides come in a form that each individual can relate to them. It may be a fly in the room that distracts your attention. It may be an angel who oversees your dreamlife at night. It may be a pet. I do not judge your path or where you are on your path. Likewise, while I feel strongly about my beliefs, I am always changing and rearranging. This is called being Open. And, if you are Open, you are on a journey regardless what it looks like.

You could substitute many topics in place of the belief in spirit guides, such as chakras, or reincarnation. They are all just a part of the journey, but are not the journey in and of themselves.

Separating our beliefs from our behaviors causes duplicity and tension in life. This duplicity and tension leads to pain that comes in all forms: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It shows up somatically in our lives. Understanding and becoming aware of the way this shows up in our lives, provides real freedom. It puts us at a place of choice.

This is not a lecture. This is just the way I write. You are welcome to take it apart, digest it, or throw it away. That's what I will do over the course of this journal.

I'm a thousand miles wide and a couple inches deep on a lot of topics. I'm a SoulCollage facilitator, a (mostly non-practicting) hypnotherapist, a minister, a gerontologist. I read tarot cards, am an intuitive, read physiology, do hand analysis, have studied animal guides, auras, chakras, past lives, energy medicine, and a long list of other things.

I use them all, but I use none of them. It flows through me, it is not me.

Of the many metaphysical and "new age" things that I have studied, I have found the enneagram an extremely valuable tool to understanding my journey. But it is not the answer to the universe. It is a system that is at least 2000 years old and holds some form of truth. Right now, it is my way of speaking and relating to people. I will be posting some basic information about the enneagram (soon.) I also provide "typing" interviews to individuals who are interested.

Onward and forward to talking about enneagrams, body/mind/spirit connection, and circadian rhythms.

Welcome aboard. Feel free to introduce yourself or just stay silent and "witness." Writing is a form of exploration for me. Thank you for being here.

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