Monday, January 26, 2009


mom, November 2008
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Someone remarked today about reconnecting with old friends or people from the past today and how some of them stay the same, never evolve. Others move along their path and change.

I just and one of those phone calls with mom. She talked incessantly asking questions about the exterior things of life and reporting who was doing what in the family.

That's just not the way I talk. It never has been. She is where she is. She is who she is. It's her path, her boat to row. It no longer hurts. I hear her worrying about me for all the wrong reasons. It's always been that way.

I used to think enough love would soften the bitterness that holds her together, but she holds it tightly. Every now and then.....every now and then.....there is a little hint of a softening and a reaching out from an authentic place. Do you have to forgive everyone before you die?

No, can forgive from the other side, or in other lifetimes, beginning with yourself.

A pause. A silence. Followed by an acknowledgement.

Quckly again the conversation goes to worrying about my sister's boss whom I've never met.

Row, row

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